Easily insert buttons and call-to-actions in any page, use amazing custom options to spice up your pages.

Button Sizes

4 different size: super, large, default and small.

Button Shapes

4 different shapes: default, round, square and circle.

Button with Icons

Buttons are fully integrated with 900+ icons.

Button with Shadow

Enhance your button with a shadow effect.

Button with border effect

Enhance your button with a border animation.

Button Fluid

Fluid buttons span the full width of a parent column.

Button with Dynamic URL

Link this button with any internal page, portfolio or post of your site.

Button with Lightbox

Link this button with any image, video or audio file of your site and display it in a stylish lightbox.

Custom Colors

Enhance your button with a nice color effect.

Flat Hover effect

Apply a nice classic flat hover effect.

Custom Typography

Enhance your button with typographic options: font family, font weight, letter spacing, etc.

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